Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My November Challenge

For the month of November I am challenging myself to do 30 inchies. Inchies are little bits of art that measure 1" x 1" so they are pretty tiny. I am trying to do one each day but I have to admit, sometimes I might do more than one. That way if for some reason I can't get to it, I won't get behind.
Here are the first 5...

So far I am using up bits of old art projects for these.  Most are made out of recycled cardboard. I cut them all up before I started so they would be ready to complete. I keep them in this little paperclip box, which by the very nature of it being small and kinda cute, just makes me happy! :) I am keeping the finished ones in an Altoid tin for now. I am pondering how I will display these when I am done.  Love to get a shout out of ideas.

The paperclip box is just crying out to be altered! Don't you think??


  1. I love your inchies They are so unique, colourful and make me smile!

  2. Love your challenge! It would be so cool to see all 30 displayed. You can put them all up on a board. Can't wait to see them all together when you're done!

  3. Awesome challenge Diane! Can't wait to see all 30 when they're finished. What about attaching them to a ribbon (or a couple of thin ribbons, like a beaded curtain style) so you could hang them in your window and have little strips of colour? I definitely think you need to alter the paper clip box!

  4. Wa ha ha... I was just thinking that the paper clip box would be cute altered. :) Your inchies are great. I've made them before and they are a challenge but in a good way.