Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Diane's Tag Tutorial

Hey all!  Can you believe it is December already?  Wow!  Time is flying!!  I received some requests for a tutorial on some tags I made recently, so here it is.

The basic visual supply "list" of items I used.

First, I cut some 3" wide strips from a manilla file folder. I left the fun shapes/curves at the top because they are random and fun. Next I sprayed some Dylusions inks through some stencils and let those dry. Then I put a light wash over that to blend the hard edges where the stencils were. Next I grabbed my crayons and started scribbling and drawing shapes, etc.

I grabbed some acrylic and began adding paint in various places, also adding some bits of paper and stamped images.

I trimmed them in half for tag size.

At this point I work with the composition of each: adding more paint, crayons, gel sticks, doodling, or whatever strikes my fancy to balance them out.

I decided that instead of trimming corners and adding holes for the standard tag design I would try something different. I painted an index card with black acrylic, sketched out some borders and shapes and cut them out.  I doodled them up a bit, then glued or stapled them on to make them look a little more finished. The last step was to ink the edges.  
I love how they look with this one simple step! :)

Here are the finished tags...

One last photo of some others I had done with the same process.

This was actually kinda fun putting up this little "How To".
Hope it helps someone. Blessings! :)


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing Diane, love your work!!

  2. Love how the black at the end really makes all the colors pop! Thanks you for sharing Diane!

  3. They look amazing! I especially love the black index card bits.

  4. Great work friend! Thanks for sharing with us! You are so talented! Thank you for blessing us!

  5. at the risk of sounding like a newbie, what do you use these for? they are beautiful and if i'm going to make a bunch of them :) what do i use them for? thank you!

  6. Wonderful of you to share how this was done...tre' cool. I must try this. Bless you!

  7. Love your work! Please do more.

  8. How fun. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring me. I'm going to hit my studio running.