Friday, December 6, 2013

Inchie Update

Well, I finished my November challenge to create 30 inchies!!
Here they are all together...

I have had so much fun with these, that I decided to add 20 more before Christmas! Here are the next 5.

Right now I am keeping them in this little Altoid tin. It's quite satisfying somehow to open it up each day and place
another inchie on top of all the others. It gives me joy!

I have to say that I am pretty addicted to making these tiny treasures. It is a really fun challenge and I just might continue
beyond the 50, who knows! ;)


  1. Beautiful inchies Diane!! I loved watching you post them daily and I'm so happy we get a bonus of 20 more days! :-)

  2. Diane, your inchies are wonderful. I think they would look very cool mounted on a board and framed.

  3. So much fun. I think i am going to do an inchie challenge too. Fun fun fun!